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Warmer Season

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Help Ukrainian refugees to survive this upcoming cold season!

As crisis in Ukraine continues and the eastern part of the country is engulfed in the flames of military conflict, more men are fighting and dying on a battlefield and more people - mostly women, children and elderly - are forced to leave their homes and ran away from the dangers and brutality of war!

Innocent victims, plucked by fate out of their normal lives and thrown in a whirlpool of tragic calamity that’s raging on around them. They are running away in attempt to escape death and destruction. But now they’re facing a new danger: danger of being killed by cold weather, natural elements, starvation, lack of basic sanitary conditions and disease.

The Ukrainian government is unable to help these displaced people. Any assistance and support could only come from international charity, individual donations and help of humanitarian volunteers. But sadly, this help provided to–date - while invaluable - is not nearly enough! So, most of these poor, displaced people are basically on their own. The lucky ones have settled in the refugee camps. The ones less fortunate, still in search for shelter, must tend for themselves. Meanwhile, as Ukraine is about to freeze over - and winters could be brutally cold and snowy over there - all those displaced Ukrainian people brace for the next round of their ongoing fight for survival.

We, at Direct Help Foundation,Inc., are determined to do everything possible to help these people to survive harsh reality of the refugee camps during long, bitter winter months. Through our support, we want to ensure that these people are able to adjust to their new daily existence and make their ends meet until they will be able to return home!

In addition to raising funds, our organization is conducting coat drives to collect warm clothing - coats, jackets, sweaters, pants, overalls, hats, scarfs, socks, mittens and gloves, - as well as winter footwear, undergarments and everything else that could possibly help these needy people to keep themselves warmer.We also collect other things, such as bed linens, towels, blankets and various hygiene items - soaps, shampoos, laundry detergents, hand sanitizers, etc., all of which could sure come handy for people who have NOTHING!

So, we urge you to, please, donate as much as you can. We accept items, both, new and second-hand, as long as they are in fair condition and can still be used.

Those may be things that you have got as presents, but never really wore... Or things that you or your kids have already grown out of... Or the things that you’re not wearing anymore because they went out of style... Or the things that you don’t like to wear because your taste have changed, or you got tired of them.
Things that clutter your closet, which you’ve been hoping for a while to clean out some day. Most of them are still good and can serve someone well. So, here’s that day. Here’s is your opportunity to unclutter your closets, to give your old stuff a new lease on life and to help others,all at the same time!

Knowing that your old sweater can still be of some use and be able to help someone who badly needs it, is very rewarding: it will make you feel really good!

Every donation will help to keep displaced Ukrainian people warmer and healthier! Please contribute to this worthy cause of saving innocent people!

Your help is much needed and greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your support of Ukraine and ALL her people.


Fight the Hunger

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Season 2014
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Season 2015
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Season 2016
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Season 2017
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Season 2018
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Season 2019

The Direct Help Foundation is especially grateful to the main sponsors of the event, Tyshko family, Cimpoes family, Vita Care and Better Home Care, for supporting this project over the years.

Gifts from Fairy

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Season 2018/19

This project consists of two initiatives.
  • We (with the support of 1st Children's Academy and ABC day care) have started the drive to collect clothing and toys for the needy Ukrainian orphans (kids who lost their parents) and refugees (kids who lost their houses and were moved to safe regions).
  • We are raising money for food and other necessities to be provided for the Ukrainian children affected by the war.

Our motto: "No child should be left alone".
We are asking everyone to show generosity and help to make these holiday season a little warmer and brighter for the children scarred by the war.

Angels of Mercy

100% completed
Season 2015

Be part of holiday miracle! Help to save lives!

Despite the ceasefire in eastern Ukraine, acts of indiscriminate shelling and security incidents continue to put civilians at risk and result in a catastrophic health emergency. Around a million or so people have been displaced and are living in varying conditions - many in unheated shelters - as winter approaches. Electrical, heat and water systems at many locations were severely damaged and need repairing. This health crisis is aggravated by a weak health system, low immunization coverage, and a high incidence of chronic disease.

"The health needs for people affected by the eastern Ukraine crisis are great and urgent action is needed to treat people who require all manner of care and services, from non-communicable diseases and immunizations to the delivery of babies," says Dorit Nitzan, WHO Representative to Ukraine. The situation is equally grim and critical for the medical facilities within the regions affected by the conflict. There’s a growing shortage of everything: vacant space, available beds, first aid kits, medical and surgical supplies, necessary drugs, treatment and rehab equipment. Up to 70% of health staff have fled the conflict-affected areas.

Several hospitals and medical rehab facilities were destroyed by fighting. At least 32 hospitals in the affected regions are not functioning and 17 have been shelled and damaged, but continue to offer at least limited care. For those remaining facilities, improving people's access to health care is a priority.

Hospitals are greatly understaffed. They are filled over their capacity with the wounded civilians who were unable to reach safety in time as the shells rained down on them. People with shrapnel embedded in their legs, children with broken or lost limbs, senior citizens too old or sick to run, are just laying on beds, cots, mattresses thrown on a floor of the hospital rooms, halls and corridors… blood, tears, screaming everywhere. Among them the medical personnel - doctors, nurses, volunteers - doing all they can, performing heroic work, trying to save people’s lives. Those people in scrubs are truly the “Angels of Mercy”! But even the "angels" can’t do this without our help!

We, at Direct Help Foundation, dedicate this project, to supporting the needs of sick, wounded and disabled people who cannot return to their homes and require medical attention and care. As part of this project we’re working on fundraising and drives. Funds raised and items collected by these initiatives will go toward providing essential medical supplies, including drugs, surgical materials, trauma supplies, and other hospital and medical equipment.Each dollar and every item will make a difference in someone life!

We urge you to take part in helping the "angels" in scrubs to save lives!
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Direct Help Foundation is a non-profit organization, dedicated to addressing the ongoing humanitarian and healthcare crisis in Ukraine. Our organization was born out of our passion and inspiration to help innocent people, victims of this ongoing crisis.

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The work or our organization is in line with the initiatives of The Ukrainian Congress Committee of America and The United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, and is supported by our (PA) congressman Mike Fitzpatrick.

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